TCS Courier Tracking – Shipping and Parcel Tracking 2022

TCS tracking is one of the famous and fastest courier service company which left almost all other courier companies of Pakistan including Pakistan post which is the official courier company of Pakistan.

This company was founded by Khalid Nawaz in 1983, although this is a very old company it starts getting fame and trust in the last 5 years and the pandemic situation of covid 19 was somehow the golden period for tcs Pakistan because in this period the TCS ecom solution was the best partner for the people who start their business online by social media platforms and not have enough budget

Tcs Ecom Buisness Solution:

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Tcs Ecom Business solution is special a program launch for e-commerce because it charges a very low amount of delivery charges and gives the best service for Cash on delivery (cod) for both buyer and seller.

One of the most important reasons for this successful program is that it did not charge any charges if the parcel gets return or did not receive by the buyer so it’s a plus point for sellers.

Delivery Time:

To be honest TCS Tracking is popular due to its fast service and better customer support. usually, it takes 3 to 4 working days out of the city and 2 days to deliver in the city. which is quite pretty if we compare to its rates. Download Tweakware apk for pc.

Delivery charges:

delivery charges depend on many factors like parcel size, weight, and quantity so the best solution is to get the parcel and concern with the nearest branch so they calculate charges on the spot which easy for you.

Customer Service Number:

Customer service is the real reason behind the susses for any company because the customer is the king and if we cant happy our customer he will never concern with you again. 

1111 23456 is tcs customer helpline number and if the number gets engaged so you have to talk with the nearest branch in your area.

Lbc Tracking:

No doubt Tcs is the best but it is Pakistan based company and it does not deliver its service out of the country so in this situation lbc express is the best alternative because it has branches all over the world and has the best courier service especially in the USA.

Rates and delivery charges are very reasonable in and out of the city and it already gathers a large amount of market with their trust.

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