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Game NameThe Greedy Cave
Size204 MB
Latest VersionV3.1.13
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A player can enjoy thrilling fighting stories in the Greedy Cave Mega Mod APK. The trip takes you to a land filled with extraordinary things you have never experienced. It features demons from the dark lands as the characters. This is one of the most challenging aspects of playing this game for every player.


Milton is a large continent, where Greedy Cave 1 hit takes place. Strength is in this land. A great adventurer or a demon will emerge from the most powerful individuals. A history of fluctuating dynasties and peace periods passed smoothly.

There was an event in a forgotten kingdom called Iblis. The southern lords exiled the people from Iblis, making it barren. In exchange for a meager supply of food, they must work day and night to mine minerals.

Once upon a time, a young adventurer stumbled upon Iblis. He found a hole filled with treasures. What he saw was reported to everyone. As a result, the lords became greedy. Their soldiers exploited the treasure in large numbers.

It is also wanted by farmers in order to better their lives. It was a war of great proportions. People have no idea how terrifying the untold things of the young adventurer are. In this game, they will face pitfalls, monsters, and possible dangers.

Become a Great Explorer:

Play as a brave adventurer in The Greedy Cave. Exploring mysterious caves is your mission. You are tasked with regaining power through the use of precious resources.

Your travels are not without danger, however. There are many pitfalls and monsters in the cave. To expand the path, you will have to fight and defeat them. He has a sword at his disposal. By tapping the corresponding target, the character advances and attacks automatically.

As the cave map expands, it will be updated. The more treasures you find, the more dangers you face.

There are many challenges in the Greedy Cave that come from the evil monster boss. To overcome the enemy, you will have to develop the character’s abilities, as well as his intelligence. To overcome difficulties, you need special skills and equipment.

Greed Will not Lead to A Good Ending:

The lure of treasures is strong. The problem with greedy people is that they usually don’t succeed. Its content conveys this message. Initially, it may have been difficult for you to notice. Nevertheless, shortly after you die, you will not remember anything you have collected during the past few years, since it will be lost.

There is a cave warning players not to be greedy. There are only a certain number of items you need to find in the quest system. Experiencing over a longer period of time in the cave will allow you to find more, but you will know where to turn back to Iblis and be better prepared for the next journey.

Build your Character:

Despite being a fairly straightforward RPG game, The Greedy Cave includes character equipment features. As you develop your character, you can customize him with armor, weapons, and costumes. Strength and defense stats will increase as a result. As a result, the character is able to survive a longer journey through the cave.

Moreover, the character is able to acquire new skills. At level 1, he is only able to use slashing skills, but as he completes more missions, he will gain access to new skills. A fierce monster will force him to fight more forcefully.


It is certain that every player who explores the game will come up with a number of interesting and unique stories. This journey will take you to the vast and majestic lands of the continent. The sword and demons control all of these lands. Become the greatest warrior by finding a sword here.

Aside from that, you can become an extremely wise magician or a great adventurer. Certainly the most fascinating and thrilling stories you’ll ever hear.

With a history of 1000 years, a kingdom will be split by a unified border in this land filled with demons. There are countless stories and legends here that players will discover. Formerly, this land was one of the most peaceful and livable places on earth. In the past, it was a place of light; now it is full of darkness, inhabited by evil forces.

Moreover, every player will discover and experience many other extraordinary stories by participating directly in this game.


There is a story in The Greedy Cave Mod APK about a martial arts kingdom which has long been forgotten. A land of extreme wildness and aridity, where the people live in poverty. To discover this mysterious land, adventurers begin their journey. The people of the world are envious of this place because it holds a great treasure they would love to possess.

In order to reach his end goal, the game character will have to deal with many forces. Various forces will continuously engage in battles. Every player will face immense challenges and difficulties.

The Characters:

Characters in The Greedy Cave Mod APK are heroic and possess a powerful source of strength. The world knew of his fame. Several forces have gathered together to search for treasure and fight demons. The main character will face challenges as the story progresses.

To keep peace in this region, this character must fight back for justice and justice against the dark forces. Main character must overcome extremely challenging tasks and challenges.


It is a completely random-generated game. Each level has a different challenge, which makes the game interesting. Moreover, it also expands the game’s prosperity and diversity. There are hundreds of monsters the player will face, and there are many items to collect. As well, all participants in the conquest and experience will be able to purchase the goods in the quest.

An adventure game of epic proportions is described as this title. Throughout this game, players can unleash their skills on players from around the world. This book contains many new and exciting things for you to discover. Every player will face many challenges during the game. Additionally, the game brings tons of unique elements and stories to all players.

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