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NameThreema Pro APK
Size24 MB
Latest VersionV4.55
Last UpdatedAugust 2, 2021

Latest Version Threema 4.55 Apk Pro Mod Patched Free Download – App Communication by Threema GmbH for Android devices.

Threema is the world’s most popular secure messaging app and keeps your data safe from hackers, corporations/governments, and government surveillance. The service allows users to remain anonymous.

Open-source and offering end-to-end encryption, Threema has all the features of the best instant messenger. As well as using Threema Web, you can use it on your desktop.

Confidentiality & Anonymity:

Based on its design, Threema generates the least amount of data on servers. Our servers do not store any information about your membership or contact lists. Once a message is delivered, it is immediately deleted. Mobile phones and tablets store local files encrypted. Thus, all of your personal information, including metadata, is actively protected from being collected and misused. Our company fully complies with European privacy regulations (GDPR).

Strongest Encryption:

In addition to messages, voice and video calls, group chats, files and even status messages, Threema encrypts all end-to-end communication. No one else can read your messages, only the intended recipient. For encryption, Threema uses the trusty NaCl cryptography library from the Open Source Project. The encryption keys are generated and safely stored on users’ devices so that they cannot be accessed through a backdoor or copied by other parties.

Threema pro latest version
Threema pro latest version

Features of Threema Pro 2022:

In addition to being a private and encrypted messenger, Threema is also versatile and full of features. For more features, you can try MangaOwl and Dizipal Apk.

  • You can send voice messages as well as text messages
  • Communicate via voice and video calls
  • Video, location, and picture sharing
  • Any kind of file is accepted (pdf animated gif, mp3, doc, zip, etc.).
  • From your desktop, you can use Threema Web to chat
  • Create groups
  • The poll feature allows you to conduct polls
  • Pick a light or a dark theme
  • You can quickly and silently reply with the unique agreement/agreement feature
  • By scanning a contact’s QR code, you can verify their identity
  • Make use of Threema to instant message anonymously
  • The ability to sync your contacts (optional)

Servers in Switzerland:

Despite being located in Switzerland, all our servers are developed in-house.

Absolute Anonymity:

As an identification method, Threema users receive random threema IDs. Twoma does not require an email or phone number. It is possible to use Threema completely anonymously – there is no need to disclose personal information or to create an account.

Open Source and Audits:

Everybody can evaluate the Threema app’s source code. Also, Threema’s code is regularly audited by renowned security experts.

No ads, No tracking:

Neither Threema nor its advertisers collect personal information from its users.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • Speed-selectable voice message playback
  • Enhancements to media selection, including scrolling through and selecting in a large view
  • Archive filtering
  • Bug fixes
  • From below given links, you can download Threema 4.55 Apk for free.

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Kas Pi:

It would be great, but because only the app but not the server is OS, Signal wins. They do an all right job with the app, but I only have it for compatibility and use it rarely. And yea, I know that the mobile apps were released under AGPL in January 2021, and that definitely was a step in the right direction. The Threema servers are still closed source though, AFAIR. Threma is actually trustworthy to run them, but Signal is a foundation, so it can’t be sold. Remember the start-up WhatsApp.

Reviewed By V M:

Messages are not shown in real time, but with delay and sometimes not at all until you open the app and refresh the chat. This needs some serious work. I’m on Android.

Reviewed By Nemo Dada:

Really like this app. The only issues with it is the Arch build can have some problems with desktop notifications on Artix and it seems to cause a high battery drain rate on the mobile device.

Reviewed By vvbudh:

Good for privacy, but doesn’t appear to work all the time. Gets stuck initializing calls and has trouble receiving or sending messages sometimes. Reviews Source

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