True Skate Mod APK All Skateparks Maps Unlocked 2021

App NameTrue Skate
PublisherTrue Axis
Size92 MB
Latest VersionV1.5.35
Mod InfoFree Shopping
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True Skate Mod APK provides players with an enjoyable skating experience as well as a chance to explore and show off their skills in exciting environments. The challenges presented in the game and the information players receive will have the players creating combos in the game.

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As well as this, the game also has many interesting environments with different characteristics so that players can freely move around them. You can play this game on android as well as on iOS device.


The name of the game will indeed indicate what kind of game you will play. The game will let you move inside a skateboarding-specific environment and let you explore what it can do.

Consequently, True Skate offers players the chance to experience what they want and express themselves through various terrain types in the game.

It is purposely designed to mimic real-life settings, and everyone knows the reasoning behind it. This game will let players experience what they can do, but it will take a long time to increase their skills.

It’s also important to mention that different terrain types and different environmental factors can be flipped through, so you can show a combo of them.

True skate Mod Apk
True skate Mod Apk


True Skate allows players to experience the elements that they can do within the environment containing the properties discussed above. In particular, you will develop a sense for moving and manipulating in this game.

The skateboard’s flipping upside down can cause your performance to crash or stop midway. You can download all skateparks free of cost. 

It will be necessary to return the skateboard to its normal position as soon as possible so that you can resume skating. Furthermore, if you have any problems, you can keep going.

Download latest version of true skate mod apk
Download latest version of true skate mod apk

Thus, the player can progress through the level, regardless of the narrative problem, until they create the desired combination within the environment. You will get everything unlocked.

A player is sure to enjoy this element. The players will be free to experience the game in their own way without any pressure from having to complete certain goals.

Gleichzeitig makes for an enjoyable experience, where players can experience some of the game’s unique elements, such as sliding bars or staircases, and discover what combinations they can create.

Unlocked All Skateparks
Unlocked All Skateparks


Aside from the self-experience element, players will not ignore the element of challenge that they can find in the game as well. Players may have to challenge themselves sometimes to complete their combos and improve their control skills.

Consequently, one must always challenge themselves in order to feel motivated to accomplish the essentials. However, beginners can also easily play it.

In the tutorial level, you will learn how to perform each skill. You need to read the challenges carefully, then complete them. Throughout the game, you can see your completion progress as you progress through the requirements in True Skate Mod APK.

Similarly, when completing a combination, you will be notified immediately whether you have achieved it or not.

true-skate mod apk everything unlocked
true-skate mod apk everything unlocked


Due to the different heights and characteristics of the players, the True Skate environment is perfectly suited for skateboarding performances. The players will not need to worry about them being completely flat.

Furthermore, they also devote a lot of time to utilizing all the features of their surroundings. Similarly, the background to the game will also become boring to players at that point.

As well as the primary environment, there are many other environments players can buy. There are more features to discover in each environment. Bringing what you learned in the old domain to a new environment will let you repeat what you did there. Players will also be challenged by those experiences.

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