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DeveloperInnovative Connecting
SizeVaries with device
Latest VersionV3.6.7.4
Total Installs100,000,000+
RequirementsVaries with device
Total Installs100,000,000+
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An application called Turbo VPN lite(MOD, VIP Unlocked) old and latest version lets you access any website in the world securely and anonymously.

This application allows users to connect to high-speed VPN at the fastest speed possible. It is a free app that provides super-fast connections, WiFi hotspots, and privacy protection.

As a result, we need not worry about online privacy protection, secure WiFi hotspots, limited access to websites and blocked apps, and the ability to watch videos (live show, movie, sports), or use a game booster or firewall for peace of mind. 

A lot of users register and use the number 100,000,000. This effect is an application that is the best of the best time, it is all about an application that only has 100,000,000. There is no doubt our setups have been very successful with this.

You can also download the apk file from apkpure ,rexdl, happymod and android 1.

How to use Turbo VPN Mod APK?

There is no way to forget Turbo VPN. An application provider which is up to all of the big time when it comes to internet connectivity, network access, … . What does VPN mean? There are many people who are curious about VPNs and curious to know what it is. 

VPNs are virtual networks that let users set up a virtual private network on the Internet. As a result, the application has a lot of useful features. Your device is protected as most effectively as possible with the help of fast VPN speed.

In order to make the system more accessible, users will have to install the application on their device. A new sync application opens once the installation is complete. As an international application, it is important to support all languages for a more useful user experience. 

Do users need to give permission for the application to access their devices? Having this in place ensures an easy-to-use application and better management. In order to access and use the support features, users will need to adjust the settings.

For the best protection of privacy and security devices, users should trust and select Turbo VPN lite mod. There are many ways to take advantage of proprietary links to attack devices or possibly gather valuable information from public Wi-Fi networks.

As a consequence, the utility will ensure the user’s application’s protection and safety. By using military-grade encryption for WiFi hotspot security, this work lowers the risk of encryption being used to mark information.

By hiding the device’s network access information, personalized information is revealed, as is the information itself, important information for confidentiality purposes. The application can disable tracking, corrosion and monitoring automatically; this is its main feature.

It analyzes the data network and explores the digital network for malicious sources. As well as separating from other networks, it is easier when accessing the server through only one point. The best VPN service is to use a free cloud proxy server that allows the best connection quality.

Alternative VPN:

If you don’t like this vpn, you can use Tachyon Vpn.

User- and professional-friendly application:

There is no limit to the number of users or access to the service. Free proxy servers allow you to access websites whenever you want without wasting too much time or power. Optimizing and modernizing the server helps users maximize the features of the application. All types of mobile carriers are supported, including WiFi, LTE, 3G, 4G and all different data mobile carriers, so it’s easy to connect to all.

WiFi hotspot users can enjoy the benefits of secure and private online browsing with safety protection. Identify the best WiFi hotspots in order to prevent the user’s device from being harmed by malicious code.

The fast global proxy server allows users to bypass geographic restrictions and firewalls to access blocked videos, streaming content, games and social media websites/apps. It is possible for the app to gain trust from the community and the customer through participation in matches for the protection of the device.

By using this method, you will be able to quickly see the many practical advantages it offers and you will also be able to make use of the application to exploit many of its good features. You can experience a host of useful functions with this app if you share it with your friends. 

A complete version for users is being upgraded and improved more and more. This application provides you with the protection your device needs to remain safe and secure when operating on the network.


It has acquired 300,000,000 customers through its impeccable service due to its availability on both platforms – Android and iOS. With the mod PRO APK, you can access the premium subscription free of charge. Below, we have listed some of the features.

Smart Location

Turbo VPN MOD APK features smart location as one of its main features because this feature is based on AI automated technology which tends to provide you with few smart locations that would enable you to surf the internet at the fastest speed. Simply tap on the Smart Location bar to activate the Smart Location, and your network status will tell the application whether or not to allow it.

Faster by 10 times

A major problem with free VPN apps is their lack of speed. You will get network issues regardless of whether you are connected to a fast or slow network with the official app. The application promises to offer you a 10x faster rate than its free version, while also ensuring that your network connection will be stable at all times.

Watch country prohibited HD Videos

In total, there are over a million hours of content available on streaming services worldwide including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney, and many more. Despite the fact that these services have so much content, a great amount of shows are still available that are not available for you to easily access. In contrast, the Turbo VPN VIP MOD APK allows you to change your network location to unlock content in countries such as the US, UK, Europe, and France.

1000+ worldwide locations

In addition to its services, it is also offering you a multitude of premium locations servers that are not available in the free version, such as United Arab Intimates, Denmark, Japan, Singapore, and a number of others. Downloading this exceptional app provides access to thousands of countries’ dynamic content, free of charge.

Split Tunnelling

There is no other Android VPN protocol that offers split tunneling like Turbo VPN PRO APK. This is one of the most innovative features of Turbo VPN PRO APK. From the list of total apps, you can prepare a list of the apps which you want to use with Virtual Private networks.

A tap of the button on the right will allow you to exclude any specific app from that list. You will also get absolute data speed for those apps as well as saving your data for the prohibited apps.

Turbo VPN Reviews:

“Has tons of ads like literally 7 ads popped up just for opening and closing the app. And my purpose isn’t even solved. What’s more is that now u can only use 30mins free. Earlier it was more and ads were lesser. They are restricting us with each update. So one advice to all is that don’t update this app if you want to keep enjoying the benefits as of today.” By Subhadeep Mandal

“I’m so done with this app, I mean what nonsense bruh! They tell u to change into premium and the time limit is only 9 mins and not even kidding, u have to go to the app 10000 times to change it I mean- also the adsssss!! Bruhh there’s an ad when u open the app and then when u connect to the vpn there’s another ad I mean, this APP IS TRASH, I’m uninstalling”. By DR Meena

“The app starts out fine but after a while, the number of ads becomes excessive. To the point where as soon as you leave the app screen, your phone no longer detects an Internet connection. A notification will tell you to change the location to ‘fix’ the issue. The notification directs you back to the app where an already prompted ad will start playing. Connection resumed once you’ve watched the ad. And then the same process repeats. Really terrible.” Hajira Asif Khan

Final Wording

The quality of the service provided and the number of users trusting Turbo VPN make it the best VPN service provider in the Google Play Store.

This app is one of the best VPN apps available to beginners, because even new users can easily use it since the app interface is so easy to learn. It is free to use and includes all premium tools, as well as server support. Obtain this security app and protect your data from hackers and thieves for free.

App Screenshots:

Download Turbo VPN Premium APK v3.6.7.3 (MOD, VIP Unlocked)

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