Viva TV Mod APK 1.4.0v (No ads) Free Download 2022

NameViva TV
UpdatedJan 2, 2022
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Last version 1.4.0v
Size18 Mb
ModNo Ads
Developer Viva TV

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You can watch movies and TV shows for free with Viva TV Mod APK – Free for Android! There are thousands of titles to choose from now!

Nimo TV, CrickPK, WPA Modz ml, Start Leno TV and NT TV Apk are the best alternative apps.

People around the world have always enjoyed watching movies and TV shows. Despite their differences in culture and language, we enjoy watching them even if they’re not in our native tongue. These entertainment videos allow us to feel attached to fictional characters and events.

Watching movies and shows on a variety of platforms might be something you do often if you are one of those people who do this. Here are three options. You can watch hundreds of channels on local cable with these services. 

Due to technological advancements, streaming platforms have become more and more popular since they are more convenient and affordable. Viva TV is a great option for those who want to stream without paying a dime! Download and use the app to watch thousands of free titles! Continue reading.

What is Viva TV?

TV has always been a source of entertainment for humans when it comes to watching movies and TV shows. We have evolved our consumption of media as we have gained access to new and advanced technologies. Cable subscriptions will be obsolete within a few years.

Over the last few years, streaming services have become increasingly popular. Since people want convenient ways to watch, the popularity of these apps has skyrocketed. In fact, cable subscriptions are on the way out as more and more people turn to digital content. How can streaming platforms beat cable?

It is possible to watch movies on demand using streaming apps. Whenever you want, you can watch any movie or show! Unlike TV, it is no longer required to air at a specific time. Just this change alone is significant. However, streaming apps also have access to literally thousands of titles in their database. Streaming platforms are superior to DVDs and cable subscriptions at this point because of their sheer advantage!


As for streaming platforms, the only problem is that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Some people consider Netflix an expensive streaming platform since it costs $12.99 a month. There is no charge for Viva TV, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Watch movies and shows for free using this revolutionary app just like any other popular streaming service! Among the many categories you can choose from here are romance, action, comedy, suspense, horror, and more! Some of the features are the same as those available on paid streaming services! Why wait? Read on!

Viewing videos on streaming video sites and apps is increasingly popular among mobile users. Streaming apps provide access to live TV channels, TV shows, videos clips, and movies. There is a fee for accessing all required content, however. More streaming services should be available for free. What have you done with your mobile device? Go to Viva TV right now. The app is ad-free and offers free access to Disney+, HBO, Marvel Studios, etc. Movies & TV shows are also included.

It is possible that you have been tired after watching movies online. Relax now. Via TV offers a wide range of movies. It is non-obtrusive and extremely responsive, so you won’t get bored watching it. There are several different media formats that can be played with it as well. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that such packages have been replaced by satellite or cable television.


As a result, these apps have an exceptional variety of choices as compared to other sources. Moreover, Viva TV is also free of any restrictions of any sort, unlike other premium apps that are available on the Play Store. You can watch whatever you like without being restricted.

Features of Viva TV:

Get unlimited access to a wide variety of films and TV shows. Below are some sources.

  • Columbia Pictures
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • HBO
  • Marvel Studios
  • Pixar
  • Disney+
  • Netflix Shows
  • Hulu Shows
  • Apple TV+

You can choose from a similar selection of popular film genres. These include.

  • Action, Adventure, Animation
  • Comedy, Crime, Documentary
  • Drama, Family, Fantasy, War
  • History, Horror, Music, Mystery
  • Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller

The movie/show information is available whenever you click on it to play. It includes:

  • Trailer, Movie Duration
  • Release Date, Cast
  • Details & Story, etc.

Additionally, you can download many different video subtitles. There is also the option to select a different language.

The Watchlist feature lets you keep track of movies and TV shows. While you can add more content to the list, you will only see the watched content so far.

Finding/Searching content is another feature that Viva TV offers users. Search for the content you need.

The following are some of the other comforts users can enjoy alongside streaming services.

  • Different video qualities
  • One-click download option
  • Adjustable media player
  • No registration charges
  • Simple & user-friendly app
  • Movie calendar filters the content
  • Log in with your Trakt account
  • Ad-free services
  • Much more

A huge library of content:

We have millions of movies and shows today. And with Viva TV, you can access thousands of titles! Thus, this app will satisfy all your movie cravings, whether classic or modern! Now you can view films and shows immediately after their release instead of waiting months or years. J


ust click here to watch it streaming! Thanks to the large and updated library of this app, you can also browse any old classic movie or show you haven’t seen yet. Your favorite movies and shows are now accessible without scouring the web endlessly.


Almost any category you can imagine is available in this application! Choose from horror movies, action movies, comedies, sports, romance movies and more! Apart from that, you don’t have to guess what movies belong to what genre anymore. All movies are categorized and organized! Thousands of movies are instantly accessible, whether they’re in the romantic genre or not!

High-quality videos:

Movies and shows are of course available in the highest quality through this app. 4K movies are even available! You can choose between 360p and 4k resolutions, if you wish. Obviously, choosing lower resolution saves data. Aside from that, loading videos with a lower resolution will make them load faster!

No registration or root needed:

With this app, you’ll be able to maintain your privacy! Using this streaming app does not require registration. You do not need to provide any personal information, including emails, name, birthdays, etc. You do not need to root your device to use this app.

Simple but user-friendly interface:

With its user-friendly interface, this app allows for effortless streaming! It looks like popular streaming apps! A simple and clean interface lets you browse movies and access many features.

Request any movie or show:

Streaming apps do not have this feature, but you can order any movie or show! Any movie or show you want can be requested on this app, and you will receive updated links within 2-3 days!


Supports external media players:

There is also a built-in media player within the app so you can watch movies and television shows! It can also be used instead of MX Player or VLC if you prefer.

There are many apps available for free streaming that have a bunch of ads disguised as the content. Viva TV eliminates the worry of anything like that! Ads won’t disrupt your viewing experience.

Viva TV Mod APK – Latest version

Watch thousands of movies and TV shows with Viva TV, a revolutionary streaming service! Get it now!

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