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Storytellers around the world are always writing powerful and emotional tales, but they need smart apps to read the stories of unknown authors. There are quite a few apps that are suitable to use, as Wattpad is an app that is known as a library, community, and a forum for authors. It is also a platform for strong online fiction circulation. 

As a user of this application, you will have the opportunity to join this great family and read or share countless stories daily for free.

Wattpad MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is one of the most popular book reading apps available for mobile devices. You can download the app through the link below this article and install it right away.

Brief Introduction:

Spiritual pursuits include playing games, seeing movies, reading books, and telling stories. Do you find reading comic books or novels more enjoyable than anything else? It lets you carry thousands of books and short stories with you on your phone. It is no longer necessary to buy bulky, expensive paper books.

Features of Wattpad Premium Plus Mod APK:

Mobile bookcase:

The premium plus version offers a wide selection of books. There are books for everyone: detective stories, sci-fi, classical literature to personal content. It is easy to filter and search through them as they are neatly organized into categories.

A large community of content sharing:

There is no literary or content platform as important as this app. Nearly 80 million readers and millions of writers contribute to it. Similar to a social networking site, people can interact and share content within a certain topical area.

Before you can join this community, you need to create a username and password. The app will recommend popular topics and authors. The message board will display their posts and stories as soon as you follow them. It is possible to leave a few comments or to vote in favor of the author.

Wattpad is interesting because it allows consumers to connect with people who are interested in the same things. It is a great opportunity for you to be a part of this community!

Writer’s showcase:

It is primarily a content sharing community. So you can simultaneously read others’ stories while writing your own story and sharing it.

It’s been quite some time since I joined this app. My initial ideas for the essay were vague. In turn, it helps me stimulate my creativity and hands, resulting in me writing a few series in response.

Initially, I was concerned that someone would post a negative comment. Their honest comments will help the author to improve the manuscript. What about you? Would you be willing to share your stories?

Motivational Unlock Paid Stories:

This sharing platform allows for almost every kind of content, from published to unpublished. The Kissing Booth, Light as a Feather or the series After that appeared in the popular New York Times have all been adapted into famous movies. How cool would it be to experience these classics right on your phone without having to pay for them?

K-Pop fan stories:

In addition to providing a centralized gathering place for literature and novel fans, Wattpad is also a hub for K-POP fans. It is still possible to read and follow BTS, SNSD, and BIG BANG daily. This amazing app will soon make you fall in love with one of those idol groups.

Besides chatting with authors, you can follow and get notifications to keep up to date on the latest releases. Wattpad’s development team is much more interested in meeting readers’ needs as a whole, rather than creating apps that follow trends, but then fade away.


You can sign in to the app with the same account across different devices. In order to easily find stories or books that you have read, you should turn on sync mode to save data and activity history.

The web browser, phone, and tablet allow people to continue to experience the unfinished story from anywhere. Millions of people use it daily.


Its interface is being updated regularly to accommodate the different needs of the hundreds of millions of users. It is a popular reading application used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. 

Moreover, their design is versatile and customizable, allowing for individual customization according to individual tastes. It will also feature all of the new or highlighted content of the day on its home page, and employs a simple look so as to make every interaction as simple as possible for its users. 

It will also provide users with options such as zoom, changing the font, changing the background, and many more for an enriching reading experience. There are no flaws with the reading experience related to the app since it is always guaranteed, and it is vivid compared to other reading apps.


Everyone finds inspiration or a unique journey in a story, and through novels, a person’s imagination and creativity are stimulated greatly. In order to facilitate its regular updating, the application will introduce a discovery feature for every user.

In this way, users will be able to identify stories from their favorite or favorite genres instantly, and therefore narrow down their search for the right story for them. Moreover, the majority of the stories on this application are free and come from all over the world, and they can be read anytime, anywhere, conveniently, due to a special format.

Engage other readers:

Wattpad facilitates connectivity through chapters of content, and at the end of every chapter, users can leave comments. Furthermore, the comment system is simple, yet it allows one to organize detailed and neat discussions. 

The comments can also be shaped by users by quoting passages from the story and adding emotes. Besides being a great tool for connecting through reading and exploring novels, the app has comment areas throughout.


Using the app, users can store all the stories they have read, are reading, and are interested in in a personal library. Besides neat organization, users can also bookmark any piece of content they like directly while exploring. Individual users will be able to track their reading progress and receive notifications once new chapters are added to each content. 

In addition to being one-shots, these stories are also appealing because their special format allows users to share them widely. Reading is now more popular and loved than ever, due to the superior and convenient interactions in the personal library.


Besides allowing users to share their stories on the app, it also serves as the home of many authors worldwide. Users will be able to express their writing ability to the world with this application, since it guarantees copyright. 

Moreover, a built-in text editor or importer will make it easy for users to convey stories. Despite its simplicity and flexibility, the text editor allows users to work offline and online at the same time; it synchronizes from any location.

In the end, the author should be able to organize the stories into different categories, while at the same time respecting the readers’ ideas to open up new options.


There is a separate version for every platform, so it has a convenient synchronization feature for users to enjoy it wherever and whenever they want.

Furthermore, all user data will be linked so readers and editors will be able to bookmark, read, and edit across platforms seamlessly. Novel readers have a special ability that helps them relax when they are reading content they enjoy.

In Wattpad, users will be able to read countless novel stories from the world’s best authors. With recommendations or a text editor, it can help people possibly become famous authors. People can always create and read the stories they want to share to make their names resound throughout society.

Download Old & Latest Version:

There are multiple old and new versions available. You can download V8.59.0, V9.2.0, V9.10.0, V9.5.0 with unlimited coins.

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium Features: All premium features are unlocked. Also, you won’t encounter ads that bother you. You can also check Replika My AI Friend Mod Apk and Scribd Mod APK as an alternative apps.

User Reviews:

Reviewed By lovahqlic:

It would have been given a higher rating if not for the fact that I have to reinstall the app every single time i change my username. In addition, it sometimes freezes and says something along the lines of, “Please wait 3 seconds before continuing” when I am in the midst of reading. Fortunately, that does not happen when I am writing. I hope you can fix these problems.

Reviewed By Tashiba price:

I have been using this app for a while now but it’s this particular ad called “The walking dead no man’s land”, and every time I get that ad it won’t let me exit out the ad. I literally have close out the app and reopen it again, it gets very annoying. I would really appreciate you guys fix it.

Reviewed By Mikaa:

I’ve been using this app for almost 5 years.. The wattpad in the past is soo much better.. All books are free and all books in your library is good for online and offline reading unlike now, we have 2 slots in our library for offline reading, the ads in the past is not that annoying cause we know that it’s for the author. We understand the ads but why limit our offline reading? The wattpad gets worse by worse per update.. I’m even afraid in updating my wattpad.

Reviewed By unknown person:

I’ve been using Wattpad for a year now and I didn’t really have any problems until certain updates. When I try to read one of my book the app will glitch out and close completely. When I opened the app this morning it was telling me that only two stories were available offline. I tried restarting the app and even deleting it and installing it back but when I did that my screen would freeze. I talked to my friend about it and when she showed her her library it was the same as before. Reviews Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

What’s new in 9.36:
✔There is now the option to mute other Wattpadders from comments and public messages. When you have a Wattpadder muted, neither of you will see each other’s comments on any stories.
✔ Read 2 Paid Stories of your choice every month with Wattpad Premium+ subscription on Android

App Screenshots:

Download Wattpad Premium Plus MOD APK for Android

Instead of watching movies or playing boring games, spend some time on Wattpad and connect with readers all around the world. You’ll find plenty of interesting stories and content here! There are also unlimited coins for you to unlock its premium features. You can use this app on iOS as well.

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