Weed Firm 2 Mod APK Everything Unlocked 2022

NameWeed Firm 2
Latest Version3.0.34 (build 3034)
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Size93 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
Last UpdatedToday

Weed Firm 2 Mod APK V3.0.60

Weed Firm 2 V3.0.60 Normal APK

Among the few business simulation games that have a distinctive storyline, Weed Firm 2 is one of the best. The familiar characters will bring back fond memories. The student Ted continues the mission to plant weeds in the secret lab after the events in part 1. Growing and selling cannabis to regular clients in the area he continued to do so in an old abandoned gym.

Weed Firm 2 MOD APK version (Unlimited Money) makes it easy to grow and expand your grass empire. Interested in playing the character of Walter White in Breaking Bad?

Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk Gameplay

Several aspects of Weed Firm 2’s gameplay are similar to those of farm simulation games. The game begins with a laboratory plant pot. Here you have all the necessary tools to grow weed. Plant a few seeds, then water them so they grow. By fertilizing the plant, it will grow faster, enabling you to harvest sooner.

The water bottle icon will appear on your left side. The level of energy for Weed Firm 2 is 100 (known as High). You will lose 1 High through watering, 1 High through manure, and 4 High through harvest. It is possible to increase your High by buying or by “getting high” with the customer.

Customers can purchase your products after they have harvested their plants. There are many customers knocking on your door on the right side of the house. Trading with them can help you get rich and build your empire.

Download weed firm 2 mod apk everything unlocked
Download weed firm 2 mod apk everything unlocked

Get access to new crops

By levelling up, Weed Firm 2 unlocks new weeds in its store. Selling these weeds will increase your profit. Once you know what your customers want, they will come to you. You will attract a lot of money-paying clients if you produce high-quality products. In addition to these seeds, you can unlock Sativas, Indicas, White Widows, Skunks, Alien Strains, etc.

Your profits will grow faster if you plant all of the seeds you have. In spite of your labor becoming more difficult, you will harvest a staggering amount of weed after each harvest.

Trading with aliens

This isn’t a joke. When you upgrade your lab, you will be able to grow magic weeds for sale to aliens. It appears you are known beyond the Earth’s boundaries. As opposed to what is shown in alien movies, the aliens do not speak English. To communicate with them, you will need an interpreter.

Alternatively, you can buy a spaceship, open a Space Bar, and sell to aliens in bulk.

Gangsters are dangerous

It’s a dangerous job you have. You must sometimes deal with dangerous customers (they have no respect for you). You may not get paid for selling them weed or even have your money robbed from you if you accept. In order to communicate with them and transact with them, perhaps you should get high with them so they will respect you more.

Make your room look beautiful

Having a stylish and modern room decoration will help you gain the respect of your customers. Customers will respect and value you more. Buy a sofa for your living room. Your home will become more attractive to ladies who visit more often. Replace your gloomy floor with plush floor tiles if it is cluttered and gloomy.

Graphics and music

Unlike top games, Weed Firm 2 has simple 2D graphics, but they are perfect given the context of the game. A secret laboratory for an illegal job, the color and atmosphere are somewhat somber.

There is a unique design to the music. In the lab, there is a radio playing music. In the games store, you can choose which songs to listen to and which background music to use.

As part of Weed Firm 2: Back to College, you will become the next weed tycoon. Start planting high-quality weeds in your backyard and take up the interest of growing weeds. Create a pack of weeds that are tasty and powerful, and sell them to any customer you can think of.

A new semester will begin for our main character when he returns to college. As a weed dealer, it’s your duty to search for new connections and expand your underground network. To produce the best pieces of weed, continue to work on your weed farm.

Let the people at your school experience paradise by selling them to them. Start collecting new weed strains and planting them with the money you earn.

It is a game based on marijuana, which is one of the currently prohibited substances. Therefore, 16-year-old players are required to participate in experiences. Choosing whether to download the game to your device is a very important decision.

A scene to remember:

As with the first version of the game, it has a unique plot. In the game, players explore a perilous world where everyone requires cannabis to survive. A cannabis plant in this game serves as more than merely a means of making the user more relaxed. It is also a medicinal herb that treats a variety of diseases.

As a result, cannabis is too common on Earth to meet all the needs of human life. Taking a look at this game from an overall perspective, we feel extremely intrigued by what it brings. What’s your opinion? Would you like to learn more about Weed Firm 2? Below this article, please leave a comment.

Own a cannabis growing facility:

Starting a small lab, you’ll begin growing and developing new strains of cannabis here to maximize profits. It all boils down to just upgrading equipment, unlocking new crops, and harvesting to enrich the land you manage.

First-time players will receive four rare potted plants as part of the experience. Growing cannabis pots requires a lot of factors in order to be ready for harvest. As a result, the player must take the proper measures to ensure the cannabis grows as well as it can.

As soon as you have a stable income, you can also think of many different ways to expand the laboratory’s farming. Specifically, the acquisition of more cannabis, the purchase of modern machinery, the expansion of the cultivation area, etc.

Max level unlocked all characters
Max level unlocked all characters

Increase staffing:

Obviously, the players cannot do everything alone in the cannabis garden. It makes sense to hire more workers to increase income by ensuring that goods are produced.

This game features a variety of cannabis strains, including Sour Diesel, Grand Daddy Purple, Thomas King Forcade, etc. During the experience, players will feel familiar. In addition, Offline functionality is available in this game, which allows players to earn profits even when they are not online.


As part of the “Weed Firm: RePlanted” game series, players will join the adventures of Ted Growing, a botany student who decided to pursue the weed growing career to earn money for his expenses. Ted has been able to cultivate a weed business to a certain point with the help of his friends and his botany knowledge.

As Ted is able to return to school now, gamers will be able to enjoy a completely new story and gameplay. As you return to the school, you don’t actually learn anything; instead, you are building a hidden farm under the abandoned gym and selling your products to everybody in the school

Take part in multiple school activities and make connections within and outside the school. Make an impact on local gangs by establishing your dominance. Make friends with several in-game characters and have a girlfriend.

Features of Weed Firm 2 Mod Apk:

Here are the features of the game.

Grow any kind of marijuana and expand your empire

The game offers players the chance to explore a huge and enjoyable weed growing business where they can try different strains of marijuana. Invest in the popular White Widow and Purple Haze seeds.

Grow weeds at your fingertips by importing weeds of all types and planting them. Offer your customers multiple options so they’re guaranteed to be satisfied.

Market to a wide range of customers

Weed Firm 2: Back to College lets gamers sell their high-quality weeds to all sorts of customers thanks to their high-quality packs of weeds. Animate your learning experience by engaging in exotic dances, rap duos, college cheerleaders, the “seem nice” librarian, and more. It might surprise you how many people you can sell to with your products.

Optimise your shop to attract and protect customers

By selling grass to your customers and earning profits, you will also have access to various in-game features to gain more customers and build your reputation. As such, it has a customized shop where you can display goods and attract customers with all sorts of awesome furniture and decorations.

Having your shop upgraded allows you to showcase more merchandise and bring in more customers. In addition, your goods will be protected from devious intruders.

Get involved in grass-based businesses

To keep your business always at the top, it’s important that you keep yourself updated to the latest cannabis trends. That being said, you should always ready yourself to start planting new stuffs. Grow weird goods such as the magic mushrooms, grasses from multiple countries from Mexico, Ecuador, to Intergalactic products. Always be ready to dive into new business in Weed Firm 2: Back to College

Make intergalactic portals to sell your goods to aliens

On top of that, the game even goes as far as allowing gamers to have their own intergalactic portal, from which, the aliens can easily visit your shop and have a taste of your delicious treats. Sell your finest mushrooms and grasses to the exotic aliens. And build your reputation in space.

Avoid being exploited by gangs and cops

Since others will always watch your business and always be ready to attack when they feel weak, your business won’t always be safe. It is important that you build relationships with others. Make your friends feel appreciated by sending them gifts. It’s helpful if you’re attacked by other gangs or the police are investigating you. Make sure you corrupt the federal agents and get out of trouble.

Connect with other players online

The game features both a story mode and an online mode where players can play against thousands of opponents from around the world. Share your experiences and participate in multiple challenges to be rewarded for your efforts.

Totally free

It may surprise you to learn that the game is free to play. Having said that, you can download the game for free on all your mobile devices. So, have fun growing your own weed!

Our mod unlocks the entire game

Plus, gaming fans can also enjoy ad-free experiences in Weed Firm 2: Back to College by unlocking the game to complete the in-app purchase process without paying. For you to experience the features, all you have to do is install the Weed Firm Hacked APK on your devices. Follow our instructions in order to properly install it.

Visual and sound quality


Multiple hand-drawn images appear in the game’s simple graphics. There are multiple characters you will be able to interact with, each of them quite well depicted in such a way that they make you feel like they are real people.


Get a glimpse into the colourful world of the marijuana grower as you play this game. Having fun and forming new relationships will make you happy. Or you may have to face heavy and challenging times. A unique soundtrack can completely hook you to the game.

New update in Weed Firm 2:

Version 3.0.36

  • There are additional Hero levels.
  • Custom main room that is breath-taking.
  • Weed strains available only to coin holders.
  • Max Level
  • Everything unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Money and high latest Version including V3.0.34
  • Unlimited XP
  • Bundle of bongballs straight from outer space.
  • Stunning swag and engaging dialogue from Soulja Boy.
  • It’s my pleasure to be a part of Soulja Boy’s latest vinyl.
  • The fastest, funniest basketballs
  • Mandy and Sandy create an exquisite High item.
Weed firm 2 money glitch
Weed firm 2 Money Glitch

How to install Weed Firm 2?

  • It requires a mod APK file
  • You may need to unlock unknown settings on Android phones by going to “Security”.
  • Install the Mod APK file and follow the instructions after you tap install.
  • Upon 100% installation, you will see the icon “Weed Firm 2”.

How to Download Weed Firm 2 MOD APK for Android?

The gameplay is relatively simple, so making a profit at this game requires only proper calculations before making an investment decision. Thus, this game will appeal to anyone who likes simple games, especially games from the traditional Idle series. 

Furthermore, this game offers a lot of interesting features so that players don’t get bored with its repetitive gameplay. Weed Firm 2, with its amazing graphics and funny sounds, gameplay and item system, is a unique and different game from other similar video games.

MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Get your pots in front of very unusual customers such as dancers, rappers, and DJs;
  • Increase sales by improving the store;
  • Selling goods based on measurements and sharing excellent grass with aliens;
  • Keeping the store safe from thieves and the police;
  • Extend your market and trade beyond college.

Changes in the New Version?

  • New Location — SPACE BAR
  • Beyond the Solar System — FTL SPACESHIP
  • Added new items and characters
  • Added new HERO levels
  • Added new VINYL track
Download Mod Version cheats 2021
Download Mod Version cheats 2021

User Reviews:

Reviewed By Lauren Carmona:

I’ve started off playing the first Weed Firm & continued with this one since around 2014. I love all the updates that have come through since the original one.. Definitely pay to remove the ads, it’s 100% worth it. This game keeps me entertained for hours.

Reviewed By Snadile Mncube:

Great game, I love and I’ve been playing this game from the very first ‘Weed firm’ and this game is still No1 weed growing game in the world in my list. PROBLEM: A Better Way To Remove/stop Ads SUGGESTIONS ON HOW’S TO IMPROVE THE GAME: 1 PLEASE TRY MAKING THE GAME TO HAVE ENDLESS LEVELS OR HAVE IT TO END AT LEVEL +1000, i.e make the characters more realistic and the game as a whole. 2 MAKE CHALLENGES WHEREBY OPLAYERS WOULD COMPETE AGAINST EACH OTHER TO WIN GREAT PRICES AND REWARDS.

Reviewed By ZEUS 420:

Fun game to play but me & the my friends are not getting our gifts that we send to each other. I am also not getting my 420 spins like I should be. The fuzz show up more than they should. I have eveeything but they fuzz show up more than the women who have the stuff I need to have the fuzz buzz off. I would love to give this game more stars & better rating but It does need so work. Other than that, I enjoy the game and hope we can get more content or more stuff to earn after lvl 50.

Reviewed By Lou A:

You guys have a lot of bugs I could tell you three things about the game you stupid when you can’t touch the barbecue to when you touch the barbecue in a tiki face you try to go back to the college room and take all your High away I just hope the next update you guys fix all that but I think the game is so old I don’t think of developers is going to Care they already met all their money in one more other thing why I only have one friend that never give me anything. Source

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • INVENTORY – all your items and stock in one convenient location
  • The most intriguing CHARACTER – astronaut impersonator
  • In by popular request: Energy sharing pet – CHAMELEON
  • New level to challenge the most resilient
  • Magical hoodoo ITEM to protect Ted from intergalactic law enforcement
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes

Download Weed Firm 2 MOD APK Unlimited High & XP

Grow and sell marijuana in new ways in Weed Firm 2. Due to the constant need to keep an eye out for the police and criminals, you will experience fear and danger. As well as teaching business management and how to interact with customers, the game also teaches you how to handle customers who are inconsiderate and somewhat hooligan.

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