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The WorldBox Mod APK is a mobile author’s 2D project from Maxim Karpenko in the style of a god simulator, released in 2018. With this game, you can build your own planet, forming and placing continents as you wish, and choosing the species of plants and animals that live there. Aside from animal ecosystems, you can also create intelligent life with the option of choosing a civilization’s path of development.

Features of WorldBox Mod APK:

WorldBox’s main features remain unnoticed despite its global popularity.

Create a world of your own

It is possible to select the size, number, and level of the ocean, as well as the presence of random life forms on the land. It is possible to simulate a random world according to the parameters selected. By selecting the depth of waters near the coastline, WorldBox allows you to design the face of your planet.

Create deserts, fertile soil areas, forests, rivers, lakes, and mountains by selecting a landscape and climate. You can always generate another map if you do not like the one you created.

Various tools for creativity are available

In Forces of Mass Destruction is where you can use natural or manufactured disasters. Additionally, the Laws icon provides ways for countries, people, and animal representatives to interact. A player’s foreign policy and animal behavior are solely determined by his or her actions.

By following a path of peaceful progress, neighboring countries develop benevolent relations. By turning off peaceful coexistence in WorldBox, an aggressive branch is triggered.

Diverse civilizations represented

Create human, orc, dwarven, and wood elf settlements by using your powers. There is a specific characteristic and preference associated with each civilization. There is no need to place several representatives of creatures in a specific spot in order to establish a settlement. Defining city and country boundaries can be done with functions. It is not necessary for players to intervene in the lives of settlements.

As you zoom in on the map, you can see how people build houses, roads, and mine ore, while dwarves build dwellings and elves build beautiful buildings. In spite of this, it is impossible without fauna. Add birds and animals to continents, as well as fish and insects to the water.

God’s rich arsenal

Build an arsenal of fictional and natural phenomena related tools. In WorldBox, you can create unique underground worms, send acid rain, or drop atomic bombs on your subjects. Take a look at how little people fight all kinds of monsters and cataclysms. It will only take one bear at first to carve out half of a village. The technology level of your test subjects, however, quickly increases as they develop.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in WorldBox are 2D, so details such as drawing, rendering, music and so forth aren’t relevant. This is one of the main advantages of a pixel game: it can run on almost any device and contains many functions.

Mod Description

We Present a WorldBox mod that allows free access to game premium features. There are no restrictions now, so follow your world’s development without any limitations.

Mod Testing

WorldBox’s free shopping mod has been thoroughly tested by our team and can confirm full functionality. After launching the game for the first time, you’ll be able to unlock premium features and access numerous features. This enhances the enjoyment and excitement of your gameplay. Also, we ran an antivirus program on the game’s installation file to ensure its safety. There were no problems found in the tests.

Starting with the creation of your world is the first step. Bring life to the land by creating elementary living organisms and a wide variety of animals. WorldBox also offers the option of diversifying the generated world and adding specific creatures. There are several types of monsters, including goblins, orcs, and trolls. But what will the outcome be? Following events from a bird’s eye view is all that is necessary.

A variety of civilizations can be created when the user is in god mode. Certain civilizations are capable of acquiring special abilities. Avoid overdoing it in this respect, as one race of creature will willingly engage in conflict with another. In order to create long-term organisms, you need to create new organisms.

There are also global cataclysms that can destroy all living things in an instant: volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes and nuclear explosions. By destroying the world created by the player, the player can prevent catastrophes that do not depend on the inhabitants. Are you interested in experiencing god mode? If you have a mobile device, you should try playing WorldBox.

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Users who prefer a contemplative and calm pastime will find WorldBox appealing. Enjoy creating your own world in this entertaining game. Experience the evolution of fauna and vegetation as people and elves build cities. In addition, you can observe racial interactions in society. What if you could create a digital world like no other? Isn’t it time to get started?

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  4. As soon as the installation is complete, you can begin playing the game!

For smooth installation, we recommend deleting the original WorldBox version before installing the modified version.

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