Yo Yo Whatsapp APK Download New Version (June 2021) For Android

Using Yo Yo Whatsapp, you can personalize your messages, change the font size for each of your friends, and grab their attention. Furthermore, you get an array of emoticons, can share large pictures and video clips, and even share over 700 images at once. Here we will also teach you how to download and install the app on your Android phone.

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What is Yo Yo Whatsapp?

Are you dissatisfied with the default settings of your WhatsApp? Would you like to customize and customize your WhatsApp? If that’s the case, then your search is over. Yo You Whatsapp is a mod that lets you customize it to your liking. If you’re not familiar with the app before getting into the details, look into other WhatsApp modification apps like YoWhatsApp

Many people find WhatsApp’s functions unsatisfying, and as a result consider alternative applications such as adam whatsapp, hawa whatsapp, and whatsapp sniffer.

Although there are a number of unique features, the official version of WhatsApp and Yo Yo are very similar. This app works with WhatsApp’s native features, which include calling, sending written and voice messages, sending images, sending videos, and many other things.

In terms of its features, this app is so much more advanced than the original WhatsApp APK. Therefore, it is the ultimate version of WhatsApp.

YoYo Whatsapp Apk File Information:

App NameYo Yo Whatsapp
Size45 MB
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Latest versionv8.70
Last updatedToday

Is this the right Application for you?

The growth in popularity of mods has resulted from community contributions, in which users willingly swap their work for others’. Some new features not in the official apps such as live toaster notification, Do Not Disturb mode, and hide online status without letting other people know, have been developed by developers. 

Aside from its reliability and simplicity, WhatsApp has quickly become one of the most popular messaging services on the market. Nonetheless, the prevalence of this phenomenon seems to be growing, and the app has limited customizations.

Users like Yo Yo Whatsapp for many reasons, including the customization options it offers. Below are some of the features included in what Yo Yo Mods. Try Whatsapp Prime Also.

You may prefer YoYo Whatsapp mod if you need to select the most number of features and your previous app is not useful enough. It is hard to choose which of the many similar apps available on the internet to use; not everyone is safe.

Message recall functionality helps users not only to recall messages they send, but also to erase messages they sent a while ago after the receiver had responded. It’s literally the same as WhatsApp, just install it and experience the stunningly upgraded version.

yo yo whatsapp
yo yo whatsapp

Requirements to install:

Installing this app on an Android phone does not require any special requirements for an old user. You can install this app on your Android device without checking requirements. Nevertheless, I was surprised to discover that many get hesitant thinking that it will not run on their devices, when in reality it works like any other application. Even so, I am sharing a list with you that includes all the things you need to resolve your issues. Please look at the list!

  1. You will need an Android device (4.4+ is recommended).
  2. Yo Yo Whatsapp apk latest version apk file
  3. Ensure you have uninstalled the official Whatsapp version.
  4. Wi-Fi connection

Features & Benefits:

App Language: 

In addition to supporting Hindi, It also supports Arab, Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish, and more!

Change Launcher Icons: 

Want to try something different? The app lets you choose from a number of Whatsapp icon launcher themes, all content is included in the app, there is no need to download third-party icons.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply: 

A feature of Yo Yo Whatsapp that people love is that they’ll never see a Blue Tick on your friends’ chat screen until you reply to them. Having this feature is very useful when we are busy on a business and don’t get time to respond to the messages.

 We recommend that you download this app, which is a better version of the original WhatsApp. It features all these features and is as easy to use as original WhatsApp.

Hide View Status: 

This feature lets you hide your name from your friends’ status lists, but you’ll still be able to see their status and send them a message.

Anti-Delete Messages: 

It is quite disappointing to find out that you are unable to read a deleted message from someone on the regular version. However, with Yo Yo WhatsApp, you can still read deleted messages. What is so amazing is that you can still read the message even after it has been deleted.

Hide Contact Profile Picture.

 it is possible to disable the picture feature in order to see only the names of your contacts. 

Hide Contact Name and Call Button

You will only see an image of your contacts when this feature is enabled.

Who Can Call Me?: 

In other words, if you turn on this feature, if someone does call you on WhatsApp and hangs up before reaching you, then you will not receive his calls. However, it could create a problem if used in an emergency. Therefore, we advise people to use this feature only when someone is irritating them.

Anti-Delete Status: 

Once again as the name suggests, the anti-delete status enables you to browse through your friends’ videos and story statuses (where available).

Message Counter Bage:

 YoWhatsApp lets you disable the message counter badge on YoWhatsApp’s icon. Notification icons can become annoying when they appear on your screen on occasion, and they cannot be disabled either.

Custom Wallpaper: 

Now, you can set different backgrounds for every contact. Each wallpaper will be unique just like the background you see whenever you open your chat box.

Conversation Cards in the recent menu: 

If one presses the Recent button, each recent conversation will become a card. How cool is that? It only works on Android 5.0 and above devices.

Close the conversation screen by swiping from left to right:

 Swiping right from left closes the conversation. It’s a simple gesture.

Hide Date and Time when copying messages. 

When you use this feature, a copy of what you really want doesn’t include the time or the date from your message.

Freeze Last Seen: 

Having this feature enabled will prevent friends from seeing your last seen, ensuring your privacy.

Disable Audio Playing Notification in Status Bar: 

Yo Yo WhatsApp allows us to turn off notifications whenever we play audio or voice messages in WhatsApp.

Some Common Features:

  • With this app your family can communicate, make audio calls, send documents, share photos, etc.
  • There are a lot of customization options available in Yo Yo Whatsapp, including lock mods and privacy mods.
  • One can set an image as a background in the WhatsApp chat window.
  • Users have the option to record just in one touch, without having to hold and press the record button.
  • Here you can see different profile pictures inside and outside of the group.
  • When an individual receives the message, their picture appears outside the message bubble.
  • It is possible to customize who can call users, to view their status and to send messages using a new privacy mod.
  • You can lock it in with multiple passwords, fingerprints, pins, etc.
  • The user can now hide all of their blue ticks, as well as typing notifications, recording audio status, and email subscriptions.
  • The maximum size of media files one may send is 700 MB.

Install and Download YoYo Whatsapp for Free!

  1. Activate the “Unknown sources” setting first.
  2. Then download the Yoyo Whatsapp apk through the above given download link.
  3. Uninstall the normal version
  4. Download the file and locate it in File Manager.
  5. Install the file by creating account
  6. Once the installation process is complete , click open
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